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The founder, Alison is a wedding makeup artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She specialises in bridal makeup artistry and is widely regarded as one of the best Asian Makeup Artists in KL, Malaysia. Alison's expertise extends to both Asian and Caucasian wedding makeup artistry, which she mastered through training with Sydney's Best Asian Wedding Hair and Makeup Company (Amy Chan Hair And Makeup Artistry). Having been the most trusted and highest-demand Senior Styist for Amy, Alison travelled Australia widely for her hair and makeup work, and had the opportunity to learn more about the skin, how it affects makeup application and longevity, and better prepare the skin for optimum skin glow.


Alison is Malaysia's first makeup artist to use botanical-based products from DMKC, a global paramedical beauty cosmetic and skincare company for makeup application. She has undergone numerous trainings and accreditations from the best in the industry around the world, such as the founder of Sophie Lau & Co (the most recognised wedding makeup artist in Sydney) and Alice Kapitein (the worldwide educator and founder of Clean Bridal Hair Academy in the Netherlands). Collectively combining all her trainings and skills, she has created her well known signature style of Hair and Makeup.

Throughout the years, her wedding works have been featured in leading Malaysian social media platforms and wedding blogs, and rated as the top 10 wedding makeup artists in KL. She has also recently been recognised by Singapore's top rated lifestyles publication, The Wedding Vow, as the noteworthy wedding makeup artist and bridal hairstylist in Malaysia.

With over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry, she started out a well-known Malaysia brand, and gradually worked her way up to becoming the best KL makeup artist and hairstylist for weddings and events in Malaysia.


 To find out more about Alison, read our 5 Stars Google Reviews from happy brides and clients.


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